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Monthly Roundup: News & Releases from June 2017


‘The summer night is like a perfection of thought.’
–Wallace Stevens

Welcome to warm weather and bright light, the cool respite of evening contemplation. Whether you’re shooting for the stars or striving in the shade, Submittable salutes you:

Be Discovered/Archive it

Are you being Discovered? Submittable can help you connect with the right submitters for your organization’s unique call. To be included in our Discover feature, select up to five tags in the General Settings tab for each category you wish to promote.

Our platform now offers organizations the ability to archive submission categories when a call has finished. Archiving a category removes the category title from the Search Filter dropdown menu. You will also find this option on the General Settings tab for each category. See our help article for more info.

A Growing Team

Welcoming new recruits has never been easier – check out a new 2-minute video on how to add a team member to your organization’s Submittable account.


Submittable is committed to outstanding customer experience – for us, this means being genuine, human, and readily available on multiple channels. We made recent developments focused on accessibility in direct response to your feedback.
In June, the development team improved screen reader accessibility across the platform; these updates included modifications to the Submit button, “Sign Up” and “Create an Account” tabs, Add-On Payments, address fields, dropdown fields, File Upload button, radio buttons and checkboxes, and on Stripe payment forms. Accessibility on the Discover Page and in opportunity modals was also improved.
Submittable’s team is dedicated to serving all of our users – we will keep you updated as developments continue. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch at any time regarding accessibility.

The Expanding Universe of Opportunities

Surprise: tech innovation can happen anywhere (even outside Silicon Valley), and key investors are taking note. Submittable is humbled and honored to include Missoula, MT in this paradigm shift. We received True Ventures Series A funding last month, which will go towards enriching sales, marketing, and product development endeavors. We are especially grateful to Next Frontier Capital for backing us early on, and to your organizations for supporting our software – we couldn’t be here without you. Submittable is eager to share the bright future, so stay tuned!

Beyond Missoula

Last month, Submittable team members traveled to NYC and Las Vegas. Caroline and Madison took part in Book Expo 2017. They were happy to meet and connect with so many people who love books and publishing like we do. Also epic: the Ocular building and “two words: sushi donuts.”
Melissa R. Sipin, inaugural Eliza So fellow, gave a tremendous reading in Las Vegas at Writer’s Block and penned a moving essay for our blog: ‘Notes on Surviving Researching While Writing a Familial/Historical-Based Novel.’ This year’s fellowship completed, Submittable is grateful to Melissa for her fantastic work. We’re excited to begin prepping for next year – details coming this fall.

Guest Blogs

In June, Submittable’s blog featured two guest authors. Gary Sprague discussed the complexity of writing (publicly) about his sons in ‘Why I Stopped My Parenting Blog,’ and Christine Ro shone a light on oft-overlooked racially-biased writer foibles in ‘Dear White Writers, Please Stop Doing These Things.’
Do you have a fresh take on publishing, submitting, rejection, creativity, craft, or digital media? We’d love to check it out.
Nice sunglasses! Thanks for supporting Submittable and we’ll see you soon.

Rachel Mindell

Rachel Mindell is Senior Editor for Submittable's Marketing Team. She also writes and teaches poetry. You can find Rachel's creative work here: rachelmindell.com