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Monthly Roundup: News & Releases from April 2017


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‘In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.’
-Margaret Atwood

Through the rain and muck of April, Submittable has been hard at work planting for your future. Here are early sprouts and intrepid flowers, with more to come:

Table Time

In April, Submittable released Tables, a feature that allows your organization to collect tabular data inside an application or submission form. Maybe you ask applicants to complete a specific budget worksheet or provide an itemized list that is best formatted in a table. With this feature, you can easily insert a customized, fillable spreadsheet directly into any form.
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Learn more about Tables in a free webinar on May 10 dedicated to both this feature and Internal Fields. Stay tuned here to register. You can add Tables to any account now for an additional fee by contacting sales@submittable.com.

First Winner

2017-bio-gettyHearty congratulations to Melissa R. Sipin, the winner of Submittable’s inaugural Eliza So Finish-Your-Book Fellowship. Melissa will spend the month of June at Writer’s Block in Las Vegas. Find out more about her work here and check out Submittable’s blog for updates from Melissa this summer. A warm thanks to so many outstanding applicants and word-spreaders. We’re looking forward to Melissa’s book, Scorched-Earth.
Next year’s fellowship will open in early 2018.

Every X Years, People Talk About Diversity in Tech

slack-imgsThe first episode of the Submishmash Podcast was released in April, with Submittable’s Chief Content Officer Asta So. Asta talked with Missoula writer Alex Alviar about her path as a Chinese immigrant in the world of tech. Stay tuned for audio programming on creativity, diversity, technology, and female-identified perspectives. Our next episode will be available in May.

New for Discover

Thanks for the great feedback about Discover, a feature that allows your organization to share calls directly with submitters. Feature updates make it even easier for the right people to find and save your opportunity. To be sure your organization appears in Discover, go into General Settings for each of your submission categories and add up to five tags that will distinguish your call.
Discover1 2
Within Discover, submitters can enjoy new ways to save specific opportunities, view submission fees, access saved drafts, and see their submission history for each organization.
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Blog Log

The blog highlighted two guest authors in April: Jessica Mehta considered the death (and zombification) of STEM and Nathaniel Towers revealed the single biggest mistake submitters make, over and over again.

Last month, the blog also offered (unofficial and non-expiring) tax advice for writers and artists. We included a discussion with Russell Craig, an inaugural fellow in the Right of Return program which supports 5 formerly incarcerated artists with $20,000 apiece.



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Rachel Mindell

Rachel Mindell is Senior Editor for Submittable's Marketing Team. She also writes and teaches poetry. You can find Rachel's creative work here: rachelmindell.com