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A new name, a new chapter


Dear Submishmash Users,

We started this company three years ago with the aim of creating a simple solution to a digital-age problem. Since then, the platform has been used by over 500,000 people. We have customers in 23 countries. On average 1 million manuscripts, queries, films, songs, portfolios, applications, business plans, and resumes are sent and curated via the platform every month.

Bruce came up with the name Submishmash at lunch on the same day we decided to create a company. I said, The process of submitting and curating is a nightmare. The existing tools are amateur and over-priced. He said, It’s a submishmash.

We liked it immediately. (And the URL was available!) It was fun. It was quirky. My kids liked saying it. People were curious when they saw it. They wanted to know what we were. Tens of thousands came and found out.

So we really struggled when we started to grow into larger markets and other products. Commercial publishers referred to Submishmash as “your software stuff” or just “mishmash”. Restaurants using our resume version would complain about having the Submishmash URL on their site. This happened over and over.

After months of stressing about it, we decided to change the name of the company to Submittable. This is easier to say and remember, more descriptive of the platform, and allows us to continue growing into something lasting.

We’re incredibly grateful to our original ‘submishmash’ users. I want to be clear that nothing other than the name is changing. Your original URLs will continue to work. We never could have gotten here without you. This change will not affect existing service in any way. We appreciate your understanding around this and look forward to continuing to provide a simple and powerful platform that helps you do what you do.


Michael FitzGerald

Michael FitzGerald

Michael lives in Missoula, Montana, with his wife and two sons. He’s the CEO and one of the founders of Submittable and the author of the novel Radiant Days.