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New Release: Responsive Forms enable submitters to submit from any device


We’re excited to announce that Responsive Forms is now live for all organizations and publishers using Submittable. Submission forms are now responsive on any device, meaning they are optimized to work on any size screen, for any device. With the vast majority of internet users going online through mobile devices–in 2014, U.S. internet users spent 52% of their time online on mobile vs. on desktop (Statista.com)–we’ve made it much easier for organizations to accept submissions from users on any kind of device.

Here’s an overview of Responsive Forms:

1) Submission forms resize to fit any device – Here’s a fun experiment: Open a Submittable submission form on a desktop computer. Keep resizing it and see how beautifully the screen adjusts as you make it smaller and smaller.

Responsive forms are optimized for any kind of device.

2) More tap- and click-friendly – As part of our mission to make forms as professional and, dare we say, gorgeous as possible, we also made them look more streamlined. We’ve made clickable areas bigger, so that it’s easier to tap on buttons and dropdown menus with your fingers on a mobile device or tablet. Category guidelines are now under More next to each category name. Click More to view the guidelines. Click again to close them. Click on the orange Submit or > button to go into the submission form.

It’s now easier to tap and click on forms.

3) No need to zoom or pan on form fields. – Once you click into a submission form, the form fields will resize with your screen. No need to zoom or pan from left to right on your mobile or tablet screen when filling out a form.

No need to zoom or pan in submission forms.


Want to keep up with our latest releases? Check our release notes, where we post our weekly product updates. Questions or comments on responsive forms? Email us at support@submittable.com.

Asta So

Asta So lives in Missoula, MT, with her husband, dog, and cat. She is Submittable’s Head of People.