Submitter Starscopes: Summer Edition


Summertime and Feng Sun Chen is back with more Starscopes. These quarterly predictions are intended to mystify, delight, and inspire creatives rather than categorically or concretely foretell—we hope you enjoy them. Note: Horoscopes are based on ascendent signs, not sun signs. To find yours, you can use a calculator like this one



Your ruler, Mars, is retrograde and will be until August 27th. Practice patience with your projects and competitions, and don’t lose heart if you find that your normal drive, both physical and mental, is more subdued than usual. This is a good season to reflect on past decisions. Also think on past projects, as it will be easy to gain insight and new perspective, as well as new energy to restart or complete them. There is an increase in aggressive energy due to this mars retrograde, tons of energy in your 11th house, which brings more opportunities for public events, new friends, readings, etc. You may feel that it is easier to hit a nerve or have a nerve hit. I recommend sublimating any social irritability into poetry or an art project involving scissors or knives.

Use red ink, white cloth, or white paper. Write down or draw the core of your rage, then cut up the cloth or paper. Afterwards, write a short story or poem about a child who tries to dress knives in robes made out of torn rags.



Whatever happens during this summer eclipse season for you will be a good indicator of whether the path you’ve been on is right for you, what adjustments will have to made, and what needs to be let go. There may be some social drama stirring up around you and close friends or family may look to you, the Taurean rock, for moral support. Writers, August will be a tougher, but productive month for you. Back up your writing and pay attention to the security of your intellectual property. This is a good month for public promotions and you may receive invitations to present your work to new audiences. The final vision for a project will be within reach, though you may have been overburdened by responsibilities.

Gather ten sticks and label each with a burden you are carrying. Bury or release at least half of them into a river or stream. Then journal about the negative space created by the unburdening, what nudges to fill that space.



The big lunar eclipse will be happening over your house of long journeys, philosophy, belief systems, higher learning, and foreign culture. If you are pursuing a higher ed degree or thinking in that direction, this full blood moon eclipse on July 27 will bring you unexpected events or insight. It may be that you experience a paradigm shift in the way you see the world; how that unfolds depends on what is going on in your complete chart. Death of your philosophical ego or spiritual ego (or a piece of it) will most likely happen subconsciously. Remember that death is always productive, as it digests the old to make room for the new. Effects will ripple through the summer and into fall. August will bring another eclipse; a smaller and happier one. A catharsis of understanding will pervade your spirit, bringing relief to whatever has been worrying your active mind.

Do a set of 9. Depending on your genre, 9 poems/shorts/essays about a topic that has been weighing on your mind.



Remember to breathe! Allow for more change than usual and try not to focus on external security, but foster peace and serenity within you. Mars retrograde combined with upcoming mercury retrograde will require a lot of flexibility and capacity for unexpected shifts. This summer is a good time to study something new, experiment with a new writing technique. You may have started trying new personas or a new identity earlier this summer with the solar eclipse. The July 27th lunar eclipse will be happening in your 8th house, house of the occult. Follow your compulsions to explore depth psychology, astrology, witchcraft, or the like, but try not to initiate new relationships or big projects during mercury retrograde. Things will move at a normal speed by the time fall comes around. Many cancers will be experiencing changes in the home this summer, even moving homes.

Meditate on the rib cage. Imagine it is a living thing, an animal. Write the history of how it came to be the structure that envelopes your heart and lungs.



As a fixed sign, it is important this summer for you to notice when you are resisting change beyond reason or sanity. It is a particularly volatile summer due to extra power in the eclipse season. Your attention to identity and what you want for you life is paramount as the eclipses are happening in your 1st and 7thhouse axis. You may be distracted from your creative pursuits and feeling more obsessed with how you relate to the world and your love life. Big, hidden secrets about a close partner or co-creator may be revealed, or you may perceive parts of yourself within this relationship/contract or within its dynamic that need to be shed like an old snake skin. The final eclipse this season occurs August 11 with the new moon. By then, enough should have been revealed to you to move forward, perhaps with re-envisioned manifestos, project ideas or a fresh start.

Get a toilet paper roll and use a pen to write on the toilet paper whatever you feel is burdening you, whatever you find is not working about your creative life. Then bind yourself in the toilet paper tight enough so that when you break out of it, the paper shreds. Throw away or burn the shredded pieces.



Virgo, the lunar eclipses are happening in your 6thand 12th house axis. With the south node of the moon in your 6th, you will be releasing some kind of addiction or attachment to some of the significations of the sixth house: routine habits or work routines, pets, enemies, conflict, diseases, and debt. Perhaps you will finally feel ready to resign from an oppressive day job or overcome an unhealthy habit, or finally be free of debt. Alternatively, you may be finishing up your tenure at some job or routine, or resolving a conflict or competitive situation. The moon reflects and releases through the south node. The best way to get through difficult separations is to detach your ego from the event, as if you are switching from a first-person perspective to a third-person perspective. Feel what arises but maintain detachment from those feelings and do not attach meanings to them.

12th house Piscean activities are recommended to balance the nodes. Take a long Epsom salt bath, then write a prayer, whatever prayer means to you.



The first part of summer should have been good for your writing career, and you may have been working at a new job or opportunity that benefits your long term goals. The big lunar eclipse of July 27th will hit your fifth house—an important house for your creativity as well as your romantic activities. Lunar eclipses call for both endings and beginnings; in the coming months, you will notice transitions and transformations in relationships and creative products. You might feel pressured to make or break things. It is best to be patient and measured in these decisions, so if you can afford to give it time and reflection, wait until September to take action. If you feel confused, attribute it to retrograde Mars hovering in the same area. Mars wants to fix all the problems, but when retrograde, will face difficulty knowing which direction to go. If you are feeling lack of energy in your writing, understand that it is a seasonal spell. August will bring some resolution to the big questions you have been asking. Pluto and Saturn in your fourth house at the end of summer will focus attention on changes in your home or residence; a good time to renovate your office space or writing nook.

Try to write a poem line by line backwards, or start a story with the ending, then work your way back to what you envision as its genesis.



This has been a karmic summer, with much upheaval, multiple retrogrades, and simmering drama; for you, Scorpio, it’s close enough to the norm. The important lunar eclipse of July 27th, whose effects will reverberate for at least three months afterwards, is happening in your 4th house. This is the tender heart where you hide your deep security needs. You may experience major changes in your security paradigms, your home, your relationship to yourself or your projections on those closest to you. As the deepest house, ego-death here requires absolute surrender, met often with tremendous resistance. Part of the reason why you are so tired is because of this resistance to letting go of something you are holding on to. If you don’t journal regularly, this is a good time to start. Don’t worry, August and September will bring healing and relief, as well as good material results and good news.

Do some physical resistance exercises. You can do this with resistance bands or practice push-ups. After you have reached your limit, relax and let go of the tension in every muscle in your body. Clear your mind and listen deeply for a sound or a thought coming from inside your ribcage (4th house). Write down what it says.



Jupiter is finally direct, and as your sign ruler is finally able to exert full power in your life. As an indicator of publication and good fortune, this summer should be supportive to your publishing career. As eclipse season progresses, the blood moon eclipse will occur in your third house, which will bring some surprising activity in daily management, negotiations, and the realm of siblings and teammates or coworkers. The third house also relates to skills in writing and cognitive processes related to writing, so you might experience some kind of transformation of intellect. You may have to give up an old way of conceiving to make way for something new. Mars, ruler of your fifth house of creativity, is causing some confusion as to which way to go or how to tackle a project. Give it time and patience and let the confusion be a part of the process. By the end of summer, you will have more clarity.

Whatever you consider to be your Bible, pick that book up and use it as an oracle. Flip to 9 different pages and with your eyes closed, point to a passage. Use a line, phrase or word from each passage to construct your opening.



The second house for you, dear Capricorn, will be the most activated during this eclipse season, as the full blood moon eclipse will be spotlighting there. This is a good time to consider the indications of the second house and how it has manifested in your life. The second house is commonly known as the house of wealth, money and resources. It is also the house of your talents, your knowledge (as a resource), your voice, your closest circle (family), basic necessities, material comfort, and most importantly, your self-worth. It is your house of possessions—everything you own. It is what you value. These values may not necessarily be material. The July 27th lunar eclipse has likely already been exerting its influence and you may have begun the process of releasing some attachments. Values that are not true to who you are may have to be sacrificed. Something you thought was valuable turns out to be worthless. You are likely going through a period of self-reckoning, some restructuring of how you value yourself and the things and people around you.

Value is not a concrete, static thing but something that evolves as you grow and change; what you value changes with you. Are you treating yourself as what you are truly worth? Write a journal entry in which you objectively appraise how you are treating yourself. Does this match up with what you believe about yourself? Is it a healthy perception, or a critical one?



The big lunar eclipse in your sign at the end of July asks you to release your hold on certain things that are holding you back. The ascendant, or first house, is one of the most important angles of the chart, and represents everything that is You. It concerns health, vitality, your appearance, your head, courage, and how you approach the world to achieve your goals. It is your basic personality. The eclipse of the 27th could potentially be an extremely emotional one as it tests your self-vitality. As it is on your 1st/7th axis, you must evaluate the balance of your relationships. If you have been on the fence for a while, this eclipse with mars conjunction will give you the push you need to break through an impasse, though it may take until September for the path of action to clear. Mercury retrograde in your 7th house around the same time will help you reflect on your relationships and push you to resolve or complete some important conversations. If you have been feeling like you sacrifice more than you can give, it is time to reclaim that energy for yourself.

Go to the thrift store, buy a medium to large sized mirror. With a marker (not permanent), do a pre-writing exercise. Reflect on your receptivity and how open you are to the brilliance of the world and your own self.



Dreams and secrets are an important theme for you during this eclipse season. As the longest eclipse in a century is happening in your 12th house, it would benefit you to understand the significations of this house: Dimensions and planes beyond this one, isolation, dreams/visions, self-undoing, the soul, endings, spirituality, charity, release, loss, illusions, hidden things, hospitals, prisons, maya, distant places, escapism, solitude, ultimate reality. An eclipse here could reflect the end of isolation. It could produce revelation of secrets and unexpected information. You may experience disillusionment related to one of the significations above; some closure regarding a clandestine relationship or situation. The 12th house has great psychic energy and the energy here can make your writing more imaginative than usual. If you have been on a writing hiatus, this eclipse could signal the end of that blockage.

Write a piece of any genre starring the centaur in the center of a labyrinth. Why is the labyrinth there? Why is the centaur in the center?



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Feng Sun Chen (Guest Blogger)

Feng Sun Chen lives in Minneapolis. She is the author of two poetry books at Black Ocean Press and studies astropsychology as well as evolutionary astrology.