Submittable’s Spotify Turns One


In March of 2018, Sales Representative and music aficionado Cory Davis launched Submittable’s Spotify account, curating new playlists to accompany each edition of Submishmash Weekly.

One year and over fifty playlists later (including special editions), our Spotify account is (in all modesty) a force. Here’s Cory on the account’s first anniversary, in which he tells us about the history of this project, talks music, and shares some of his favorite tips for people overwhelmed with taking in new music.


Congratulations on the anniversary! Tell us a little about how this project started.

Thanks, Rachel! I’m always finding and listening to music, and because the Submittable community is so intertwined with art, it excited me to share my discoveries with them.

What’s your background with music?

I’ve been DJing for a long time, play several instruments, and I curate music for businesses. It’s an obsession.

Why do you think music is so important for people?

In the same way that any art is important, in that it offers a different perspective. It’s all about curiosity and looking beyond what’s served to you through mainstream media. Not that there aren’t good songs on the radio, but something like 80% of all stations play the same songs.

What have been the biggest surprises and joys of this project in the past year?

Definitely the responses I’ve received from the Submittable community, all over the world. I’ve had song suggestions from Australia, someone recognizing a library song they used for a commercial in London, and a lot of gratitude. The account has 218 followers, the weekly playlist has 534, and we’ve done 5 additional themed playlists, with more to come! On average each week, 141 people listen to the playlist.

Any tips for emerging DJs?

Trust your ear, push yourself out of your comfort zone, select music that really makes you feel something, and do your own thing.

Any advice for us older folks that feel overwhelmed by the quantity and diversity of new music? Where do we even start?

Start with an album you really like, find out what record label put it out, and listen to their other releases. Or pick an artist and Google their influences. You’re never going to be able to listen to everything (and I certainly listen to less than I did before I had two daughters), so spend time with anything that enriches your life.

Rachel Mindell

Rachel Mindell is a content creator and strategist for Submittable's marketing and product teams. She also writes and teaches poetry. You can find Rachel's creative work here: