Film Opportunities: July & August 2019


Every couple of months, Submittable likes to highlight organizations using our software for exceptional film, video, animation, screenwriting, and script opportunities. If you represent an organization that uses Submittable and wasn’t included in this list, please let us know.

If you’re a submitter, be sure to check out the organization’s guidelines before submitting. Click the banner at the top of the organization’s Submittable form to visit their website. Happy submitting!


7/1: All American High School Film Festival | Festival Entries in 17 Categories

7/1: Edinburgh Short Film Festival | Call for Entries – Late Deadline

7/1: International Documentary Association | Pare Lorentz Documentary Fund Grant

7/3: New York Women in Film & Television | 2019 Women Calling the Shots Showcase

7/7: Borealis Festival | Projection Mapping Contest Submission

7/7: BBC | New Creatives Open Call 2 – Film and Audio (UK Emerging Talent)

7/10: Frame Dance Productions | Frame x Frame Film Fest 2019 (Professional and Student Entries)

7/15: GLAS Animation | GLAS Grant Application

7/15: Southern Documentary Fund | Production Grant; Research and Development Grant

7/15: UNC-TV | Reel South Season 5

7/19: Delaware Valley Arts Alliance | Big Eddy Film Festival

7/31: Punt Volat | Video

7/31: Robert W. Deutsch Foundation | Rubys Artist Grants – MEDIA ARTS

8/1: Mom Egg Review | Video

8/1: Cambridge Writers’ Workshop | Media Arts Internship

8/11: West Windsor Arts Council | STEAM Series: Mathematics and Art

8/21: The Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta | Gotta Minute Film Festival

8/31: Qu Literary Magazine | Stage and Screen

8/31: Spineless Wonders | Microclix Film Awards (Australia)

8/31: The Bookends Review | Multimedia



NBC Talent Infusion Programs: Casting Offices; NBCU Casting Assistant Program

HBO Community Impact PA Program: Upcoming NYC Opportunities

Short of the Week: Online Short Film Festival

NoBudge: Features, Shorts, and More

Iris Digital Arts: Artist Call

The Laurel Review: Scripts

The New Engagement: Visual Art

Field Projects: Curatorial Proposal

San Miguel Writer’s Conference: Screenplay Writing Workshop Instructors

COG: Literary & Arts-Drenched Original Videos

Reality Beach: Videos

Stone Soup: Multimedia

ODYSSEYS Costa Rica: Artist-in-Residence Application

The Wax Paper: Plays/Screenplays

TMD Enterprises: Washington, DC Videographers and Production Assistants

The Florida Review: Digital Stories

The Woven Tale Press: Video/Sound

The Baltic Writing Residency: Screenwriters Residency

cahoodaloodaling: Visual and Audio Art

Cycatrix Press: Multimedia


TriQuarterly: Video Essay and Cinepoetry

Moko: Visual Media


Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash

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